MCQ on Digital Electronics with Answers - 1


Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on Digital Electronics Circuits - Multiplexer, Demultiplexer, Encoder, Decoder

1. The word demultiplex means ___________

a.      One into many

b.     Many into one

c.      Distributor

d.     One into many as well as Distributor

Answer: d


2. Why is a demultiplexer called a data distributor?

a.      The input will be distributed to one of the outputs

b.     One of the inputs will be selected for the output

c.      The output will be distributed to one of the inputs

d.     Single input to Single Output

Answer: a


3. Most demultiplexers facilitate which type of conversion?

a.      Decimal-to-hexadecimal

b.     Single input, multiple outputs

c.      AC to DC

d.     Odd parity to even parity

Answer: b


4. In a multiplexer the output depends on its ___________

a.      Data inputs

b.     Select inputs

c.      Select outputs

d.     Enable pin

Answer: b


5. How many AND gates are required for a 1-to-8 multiplexer?

a.      2

b.     6

c.      8

d.     5

Answer: c


6. Which IC is used for the implementation of 1-to-16 DEMUX?

a.      IC 74154

b.     IC 74155

c.      IC 74139

d.     IC 74138

Answer: a


7. How many control lines are there in 128 X 1 multiplexer?

a.      8

b.     6

c.      7

d.     5

Answer: c



8. Which of the following is not valid encoder?

a.      8 X 3

b.     5 X 32

c.      2 X 1

d.     All are valid

Answer: b



9. A multiplexer is also known as

a.      a data accumulator

b.     a data restorer

c.      a data selector

d.     a data distributor

Answer: c


10. In boolean algebra, the OR operation is performed by which properties?

a.      Associative properties

b.     Commutative properties

c.      Distributive properties

d.     All of the Mentioned

Answer: d


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