MCQ on Digital Electronics with Answers - 2


Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on Digital Electronics Circuits - Boolean Expression Simplification

1. Absorption law expression is

a.   A + AB = A

b.  A + AB = B

c.   AB + AA’ = A

d.  A + B = B + A

Answer: a


2. The involution of A is

a.   A

b.  A’

c.   1

d.  0

Answer: a


3. A(A + B) is equal to

a.   AB

b.  1

c.   (1 + AB)

d.  A

Answer: d


4. According to DeMorgan’s theorem

a.   (AB)’ = A’ + B’

b.  (A + B)’ = A’  B

c.   A’ + B’ = A’B’

d.  (AB)’ = A’ + B

Answer: a


5. Value of (A + B)(A’ * B’) is equal to

a.   1

b.  0

c.   AB

d.  AB’

Answer: b


6. Complement of the expression A’B + CD’ is equal to

a.   (A’ + B)(C’ + D)

b.  (A + B’)(C’ + D)

c.   (A’ + B)(C’ + D)

d.  (A + B’)(C + D’)

Answer: b


7. Simplified value of  Y = AB’ + (A’ + B)C is

a.   AB’ + C

b.  AB + AC

c.   A’B + AC’

d.  AB + A

Answer: a



8. The Boolean function A + BC is a reduced form of

a.   AB + BC

b.  (A + B)(A + C)

c.   A’B + AB’C

d.  (A + C)B

Answer: b



9. Code is a symbolic representation of

a.   Continuous information

b.  Discrete information

c.   Analog information

d.  Both continuous and discrete information

Answer: b


10. The process of representing  numbers, letters or words by a special group of symbols is known as

a.   Decoding

b.  Encoding

c.   Digitizing

d.  Inverting

Answer: b

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