MCQ on Digital Electronics with Answers - 5


Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on Digital Electronics Circuits - Flip-Flops & Boolean Expression Simplification

1. Which of the following is the simplified form of Boolean expression (A + B/ + A/ B). C?

a)  1

b)  0

c)  C

d)  C/

Ans: d

2. Which of the following is the complement of Boolean Expression (A + BC + AB)?

a)  A/ (B/ + C/)

b)  A/ B/ C/

c)  AB/ C/

d)  A (B/ + C/)

Ans: a

3. Number of bits required to encode all 26 letters, 10 symbols and 10 numerals is

a)  5

b)  6

c)  7

d)  46

Ans: b

4. What is the use of clock signals in sequential logic circuits?

a)  to tell the time of the day

b)  to tell how much time has elapsed since the system was turned on

c)  to carry serial data signals

d)  to synchronize events in various parts of a system

Ans: d

5. By placing an inverter between both inputs of a SR Flip-Flop, it becomes

a)  JK FF

b)  D FF

c)  T FF

d)  Master-slave FF

Ans: b

6. Among the following the slowest ADC is

a)  Flash type

b)  Successive Approximation tyoe

c)  Counting type

d)  Integrating type

Ans: b

7. The number of comparisons carried out in a 4-bit Flash type ADC is

a)  16

b)  15

c)  6

d)  5

Ans: b

8. The number of comparators in a parallel conversion type 8-bit ADC is

a)  8

b)  255

c)  16

d)  256

Ans: b

9. The output Qn of a JK FF is 0. It changes to 1 when a clock pulse is applied. the input Jn and Kn are respectively:

a)  1 and X

b)  0 and X

c)  X and 1

d)  X and 0/

Ans: a

10. The characteristic equation of T-FF is given by?

a)  Qn+1 = T/ Q + TQ/

b)  Qn+1 = TQ/ + QT/

c)  Qn+1 = TQ

d)  Qn+1 = TQ/

Ans: b

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